Live-in Yr8

Feb 24 – 25

Getting to know each other closer and learning to work together was the theme for the year 8 live-in which took place in February. Starting with a cook-out in l-Għar il-Kbir in Siġġiewi, and a small hike in the picturesque surroundings; where the students could see a side of the island dominated with nature. Some even commented on the beauty of nature. After enjoying a delicious BBQ dinner in the Cave complex in Għar il-Kbir and made sure that we left the place cleaner that how we found it, we travelled to Birżebbuġa where after a showering and settling in the rooms. The group then watched WONDER; a movie focussing on Auggie’s extraordinary journey where his family, his new classmates, and the larger community all struggle to discover their compassion and acceptance towards him. The following day the group embarked on a Treasure Hunt around Birżebbuġa, where we got to know the town in a fun way followed by the preparation and sharing of some delicious pizzas as a group. The live-in ended with a hike in Fawwara.