Year 9 Live-In

The Year 9 students embarked on their Live In experience, under the guidance of Mr. Peplow, with an exhilarating start. The day kicked off with a thrilling activity: abseiling, setting the tone for an adventure-filled journey ahead. The rush of descending down the cliffs must have left them buzzing with excitement and a sense of achievement.

Afterwards, they retreated to their base in Birżebbuġa, where they refreshed themselves with a shower and gathered for a hearty dinner. The evening took a reflective turn with a prayer session, offering moments of introspection and gratitude. As the night drew on, the boys gathered to watch the impactful and thought-provoking movie “Hotel Rwanda,” immersing themselves in its powerful themes and messages.

This Live-In experience has provided a platform for immersive self-awareness workshops and community engagement. Guided by Mr. Andrew Peplow and a dedicated team including Ms. Giannella Attard, Mr. Dwayne Mifsud, Ms. Martina Joy Azzopardi, Ms. Susanna Callus, and Mr. Bryan Muscat, students delved into hands-on activities fostering personal growth and social responsibility. Community work complemented these efforts, facilitated by the support of Mr. Scott Camilleri – Sindku Birżebbuġa. A memorable trek to Mistra Bay, capped with a BBQ, crowned this enriching experience.