Overview of the St. Patrick’s Salesian School

St. Patrick’s Salesian School is an Independent Church School with a Service Agreement with the Education Department. Therefore, both the Salesians and the State envisage the need to safeguard the identity and ethos of its Catholic ethos; nonetheless students are admitted to the school irrespective of faith.

The Salesians of Don Bosco ensure that the School provides their students with an educational programme within the National Curriculum Framework and in line with current Educational Policies.

The School’s identity is built on its delivery of a teaching intervention catering primarily for children whose educational attainment has been impaired by their traumatic experiences and educational, social, emotional and behavioural challenges.

The school, besides mainstream subjects, provides vocational as well as applied education training to students who particularly need a more personalised approach. The school provides secondary education with a maximum capacity of 75 students, namely having not more than 15 students per class. The school will continue to cooperate with the Minister responsible for Education and Sport and offer its services to students in line with other alternative learning programmes maintained by the said ministry. Day students benefit from transport facilities as manned and financed by the State.

All employees and volunteers are bound by the applicable Codes of Ethics, the Education Act (Cap. 327) and related Subsidiary Legislations, national and ecclesiastical policies and/or documents to safeguard the well-being of one and all.

rick’s Salesian School provides a supportive learning environment that allows students to prosper academically and socially. Our small school environment creates a family-like setting where students and staff work side-by-side towards the single goal of empowering the individual student with a meaningful life-long education. Perhaps the hallmark of our school is the friendly atmosphere, a characteristic much remarked upon by visitors. A friendly atmosphere breeds enthusiasm and friendliness. The student’s right to learn can never be met unless first he feels safe and valued.

One of our goals is to offer our students a well-rounded education that will assist them in maximizing their academic potential. We follow the National Curriculum Framework and provide Vocational training.  Each student is led according to his abilities, thus some sit for Matsec exams, while others sit for the ECDL exams.  Apart from the regular subjects such as Maltese, English, Mathematics, Religion, Italian, Science, PE and Music we also offer students an opportunity to earn experience in a number of vocational areas such as Media, Food Preparation and Design and Technology.

However we do not measure success merely by certificates.  We do our utmost to provide a range of experiences that are diverse and broad enough to capture the interests and talents of all our students. It is also our goal to expose them to ideas and challenges that they may never have had the opportunity to discover. To that end, we offer a number of activities such as Art, Drama, Backstage, Sports and the opportunity to be part of the Eko Skola team or the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme. Participation in such activities enhances student confidence, builds resilience and develops skills such as teamwork – all vital qualities if students are to maximise life’s opportunities. We place great emphasis on mutual respect, spirituality, human formation and self expression through creative arts. The school community encourages diversity and inclusiveness. It fosters a safe environment that supports innovative and creative practice. Underpinning this is quality education for all students.

Students also benefit from the support of the cooperation between staff, parents/carers and relevant allied professionals who meet in order to formulate student priority. An individualised educational program is implemented, evaluated and monitored for those students who need extra help. We believe that students learn best in different ways and our experienced staff successfully creates friendly, stimulating and engaging learning environments for all students by leading the way in curriculum, pedagogy and assessment. We strive to provide the necessary support to students in their journey towards adulthood as they try to achieve their goals and dreams.