Live-in Yr9

Jan 13 – 18

It was now the turn for our Year 9s to attend the 3-day live-in with the theme “Wet Paint”. We kicked off with a cookout in one of Malta’s most picturesque cave complex in Dingli (L-Għar il-Kbir), after-which we went to the live-in accommodation and watched a movie focussing on the strength to get back up after difficult experiences. On the second dat the 10-student group discussed those experiences (positive and negative) which tend to have some sort of impact on us, and used coloured handprints as a means of identifying the different events we go through and as a symbol of how certain experiences tend to leave a long-term mark on us. As part of the live-in the students embarked on an embellishment project in Birżebbuġa with the help the local council, where they gave a fresh look to a previously dull looking basketball court. This was appreciated by many locals as even as the work on ongoing by the students, passers-by praised them for their work in giving a colourful look to the locality. The day ended with a 12km night hike to the Delimara lighthouse.