Live-in Yr 10

Nov 18 – 22, 2022

The Year 10s 3-day live-in was an adventure; strengthening bonds and helping them to push their boundaries. We kicked off the live-in by embraced the adrenaline rush of abseiling down Lapsi breath-taking picturesque cliffs. The first day was concluded by a movie, aimed at fostering self-confidence and self-resilience. The second day started with an English breakfast followed by an activity based on the movie UNBROKEN, where they had to create posters for the school noticeboard. Then a small swim in Pretty Bay Birzebbuga, followed by a daring 15km night hike from Birzebbuga to Delimara under the starry sky which tested their determination and sense of adventure. As part of the live-in the students also gave back to the community, collaborating on restoration projects with the Birzebbuga local council. Thanks to Mr Andrew, Ms Diane and Br Paul for the generosity as well as all the educators who have contributed in one way or another.