Live-in Yr7

May 26 – Oct 5

The Year 7s embarked on a thrilling 2-day live-in, filled with excitement and exploration. Once arriving in the enchanting Ghar il-Kbir, they kicked off the adventure with a memorable cookout, savoring delicious meals amidst breathtaking natural beauty and the ended the day by watching a movie highlighting the need to be tolerant and empathetic towards each other. Following an English breakfast and a thrilling photo hunt around Birzebbuga’s many sights, a refreshing dip in the sea brought joy and laughter to the group, creating lasting memories. As the sun set, a night hike in Fawwara illuminated the path ahead, making the experience unforgettable. This 2-day live-in was a perfect blend of nature, adventure, and teamwork for the Year 7s. Special thanks to Jeremy Bonello a Yr10 member of the student council, who was of great help in the organisation of the Yr7s live-in.