Bike hike Y7 & Y8

Jun 28 – 29

Our Year 7 and Year 8s embarked on an exhilarating bike-hike adventure in the picturesque town of Zurrieq, combining the thrill of cycling with the beauty of nature. Riding through the town’s narrow winding streets before transitioning to a scenic ride towards one of Malta’s oldest chapels in Maqluba; where the boys had the chance to regain their strengths whilst getting to know the legends surrounding the fascinating Maqluba. The second leg of the hike took us to the breath-taking wied iz-Zurrieq where we had the chance to enjoy a much-earned ice-cream sponsored by the generous Sir Dominic. Although tired it was smiles all around as it was a day of exploration, fun, and bonding in Zurrieq and Qrendi’s stunning landscapes. Special thanks to all those involved.