Missions Day

Today, at St. Patrick’s Salesian School, we celebrated Missions Day and keeping ourselves healthy, whilst also creating awareness of Pink October. The boys and school staff wore hints of Pink as they lined up for the Assembly this morning, while Fr. Jeremy, the headmaster, talked about Breast Cancer awareness and the need to keep ourselves healthy.

During the second lesson, the boys had a presentation and talk by Mr. Oliver Aquilina, a member of the Society of Christian Doctrine, where he shared video clips and photos of his experience in Kenya while being there on a missionary project. The boys asked a lot of questions about the situation and how the missionaries help.

At 9:30, the boys then were divided into 6 teams to compete in a triangular competition. They boys participated in basketball matches, football matches and a relay race. Mr. Dejan Ilić, a water polo player, and representing Sports Malta, participated in these games that Mr. Alessio Magro organised.

After the games, the boys had a healthy breakfast, where they were served by the school staff. These activities were organised by Mr. Renald Buhagiar.