Bully Me

The professional dance group Moveo, came to our school once again, to perform and share an experience with our boys. Moveo have been working within the culture pass of the Arts Council Malta’s Strategy 2020, where primary and secondary school student get the chance to see at least one artistic performance per year.

This year, Moveo’s performance was Bully Me, emphasising the ‘bullying’ situation found in schools and online. The Year 7s, 8s and 9s attended this amazing performance, where some of our students were also picked randomly, to share the stage with the group.

After the performance, one of the Moveo Dance Company, animated a discussion, first with the 4 boys that participated in the dance, and then, with the rest of the boys that saw this beautiful piece of art.

The discussion showed how much the boys were intrigued with this production, and it was also evident how much they could identify themselves with the subject matter.