Celebrating the Feast of St. John Bosco

At St. Patrick’s Salesian School, the Feast of St. John Bosco is an eagerly awaited occasion marked by a special Mass celebrated by Fr. Paul Spiteri sdb. The solemnity and reverence of the Mass created an atmosphere of unity and gratitude, as the boys and the school staff gathered to honour the patron saint of educators and youth. Fr. Paul Spiteri’s words echo the spirit of St. John Bosco, emphasizing the importance of education, compassion, and guidance for the school community. The celebration fosters a deep connection to the Salesian values, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those in attendance.

The celebration continued after the Holy Mass, with a vibrant event brimming with festivities. The school grounds buzzed with excitement as students engaged in an array of fun games designed to foster camaraderie and team spirit. The fun games, organised by Mr. Alessio Magro, with the aid of all the staff, consisted of target practice, skittles, obstacle race and much more. The atmosphere surely created a lasting memories for all. The event ended with a ‘Ravjulata’ prepared by Ms. Anthea and a handful of school staff where, all the boys, school staff and the community, ate together in the school refectory.

VIVA Don Bosco.