Awards Giving Ceremony

The Award Giving Ceremony at St. Patrick’s School was a memorable event, celebrating the students’ achievements for the scholastic year 2022/23. Sebastian Gonzalez warmly welcomed all attendees, where he highlighted the core values that St. Patrick’s School upholds, setting the tone for the evening.

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Mimli Tama is a short Movie, produced for this year’s Awards Giving Ceremony at St. Patrick’s Salesian School, Sliema.


General Overview

The quality presence and educational approach at St. Patrick’s Salesian School and Residential Care is inspired by Don Bosco, our Founder. He had a dream, believed in it and actualised it. Early on in his childhood he experienced the loss of his father, separation from his mother, poverty, bullying and other difficult experiences. None of these were allowed to become a trauma in themselves but an opportunity of growth. Don Bosco transformed his traumatic experiences into life lessons. This same spirit guides us as we work with and for the young. It is our mission to accompany and empower the young persons in their life journey so that they can arrive at a good place of self-awareness and healing. This process of growth will ideally lead to reintegration and/or independent living.

Sometimes we assume that it is a child’s right to live in a family. Yet, sometimes this is not the best for the child’s wellbeing. in view of the specific and particular circumstances of a group of children in Malta and Gozo, there is the need of a specialised Educational, Out of Home Care and Therapeutic services as offered by the Salesians at St Patrick’s Salesian School in the interest of the same children and that of our society in general. The Salesians of Don Bosco in collaboration with the Government, commit themselves to further develop the Educational, Care and Therapeutic services already provided, to be in line with present policies and standards of practice while remaining faithful to the Salesian charism and the vision of the respective Ministry.

We welcome the Government’s recognition and acknowledgment towards the experience and the service given by the Salesian Congregation over the years, since the foundation of the School in 1903 in the service of Education and Out of Home Care for children. Our aim is to facilitate the rehabilitation of the young person entrusted to our care into a family environment through Education, Individual and Family Therapy and Care. This is achieved through a friendly environment as being the seminal feature of St Patrick’s Salesian School. Don Bosco’s inspiration to provide a space where children feel safe, sheltered and nurtured yet assisted to fulfil their potential makes St Patrick’s Salesian School an attractive proposition for children. The effects of their trauma impel us to re-establish security and trust through a therapeutic climate that serve as building blocks for any future development, including learning.