Anti-Bullying Week

Last week, our boys went through a number of activities to create awareness during the Anti-Bullying Week. The first event of the Anti-Bullying Week program at our school, started off with a bang! Mr. Andrew’s introduction set the tone, however it was Mr. Dwayne’s rendition of his rap song ‘Illum Jien u Għada Int’ that truly touched the hearts of all those present. The song, featuring Dominic Cini, treats bullying and the effects it has on the victims; it is based on Mr. Dwayne’s personal experiences. It was emotional and eye-opening.

The second activity we welcomed a community police officer to shed light into the legal implications of bullying. This session went beyond peer-to-peer dynamics, highlighting the grave consequences of mistreating authority figures—be it police, parents, or teachers. The main theme was ‘Let us commit to a culture of kindness, embracing respect for everyone. Together, we can create a safe, supportive environment for all’.

Wrapping up the Anti-Bullying Week we had two sessions that left their mark! Our students gained insights into the legal repercussions of social media bullying, thanks to the cybercrime police. Understanding police strategies to combat bullying was eye-opening. Year 7 and 8 engaged with Mr. Andrew, exploring the human toll of bullying through real case studies. Together, they uncovered the profound effects on victims. Remember, if you’re a victim or witness to bullying, there’s support. Let’s stand united against bullying! #EndBullying #TogetherWeRise